PHILOSOPHIES 2015: Ecologies/Economies/Technologies

The Philosophies ResArc 2015 course aims to address how the researcher in architecture can make use of the plethora of philosophies available to them, both from within and from without the discipline. We will place a special emphasis on the two-way conceptual traffic between architecture and philosophy, in the recognition of the reciprocal relationship of influence these two disciplines have historically maintained with respect to each other. What are the strategies and tactics that can be fruitfully employed to engage in diverse philosophies from the point of view of the discipline of architecture? How does the architectural researcher maintain a creative and critical relay between theory and practice? How can concepts and arguments (drawn from philosophy and elsewhere) be mobilized by the architectural researcher?

This course engages in the reciprocal relationships that can be forged between the disciplines of philosophy and architecture, and is structured around the thematic matrix of ecologies-economies-technologies, further defined across three registers: 1. subjectivities; 2. socialities; 3. environmentalities. In the first module the course introduces the role that critical theories can play under the rubric of an ‘ecosophy’ or even a ‘geophilosophy’ in the context of what has come to be called the ‘Anthropocene’; in the second module the course explores questions of alternative economies, and relates this to a feminist theoretical literature and practice precedents; and finally, the third module ventures in the direction of posthuman futures and new materialisms in order to rethink questions concerning technologies. Each of the three proposed modules stresses the socio-political context of architectural thinking and production, and the role that complex networks of power relations play in specific locales of architectural action. The course is designed to maintain relevance for all students with an interest in space and culture-related research topics, with a specific regard to the role and effect of architecture in society. Philosophies 2015 will be run by Dr Hélène Frichot, Critical Studies KTH Architecture, in collaboration with Dr Daniel Koch, Urban Design KTH Architecture, Stockholm.

PhilosophiesResArc COURSE OUTLINE 2015

Key Dates

October 7-9 2015 at KTH Stockholm

Philosophies Course Module One – Ecologies

November 4-6 2015 at KTH Stockholm

Philosophies Course Module Two – Economies

December 9-11 2015 at KTH Stockholm

Philosophies Course Module Three – Technologies

Logic of the structure of Philosophies 2015