Architecture + Philosophy research seminar, ResArc, Sweden: Dr Hélène Frichot, Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH Stockholm


Processing Theory

by arlemo


Processing Theory_Maria Ärlemo

Digesting Guattari

by jasminmatzakow

Late Arrival on Earth

by olasvenle

Bureaucratic Phantasies

by bojanboric

Ghost Boulevard-Redlines

Visual Verbal Mental Constructions

by evagheysen

A Walk Through the Lobby

by hannesfrykholmuma

Coloring in-book-1

Philosophies: A Primer for Undergraduate Students of Architecture

by helenjrr


You can read ‘Philosophies: A Primer for Undergraduate Students of Architecture’ here:


by thierry berlemont

TB_sense up and down

I revised the conceptual coloring-in book after the closing module of Philosophies. Besides some minor corrections in the texts, I modified the title from ‘Fragments’ to ‘Fragments of constructions’ and I added an ‘about’ at the end. The ‘about’ chapter contains the arguments developed during the presentation. The drawing visualizes the access to the revised version (published on 18 september 2013).

Let’s begin with ABC

by Erik S

1_4ABC coverThe pamphlet is available at:



Moving Mountains

by Fredrik T



This booklet comes with certain modifications to the prescribed assignment. Instead of a series of blog posts connected by an introduction and a conclusion, I have taken the liberty of focusing on one longer essay which involves four different theoretical clusters. [The presentation will only involve this longer essay and not the blog posts which are also included in the booklet]