Thing- plywood floor

by lenastinaandersson


The thing I have chosen for this task of is a piece of plywood. It is also an agent in the transformation process in one of my case studies, serving as a protective layer to keep the new floors from wear and tear as construction workers are walking and moving heavy equipment over them. The protective layer is a temporal ingredient in the process of alteration with a short lifespan, starting when new floors have been installed and gradually being removed as the construction phase is coming to an end. Most of the plywood covering is laid out unprocessed, but in some cases they have been cut, arranged and adjusted to accommodate a particular use, such as described in the image. The cut-out suggest the need for the possibility to close the doors, but when the image was taken in summer 2017, the cut out part was nailed back, adapting to new needs and securing the doors in an open position. This plywood sheet has now been discarded as obsolete, possibly re-used or reprocessed. Used for a few months up to half a year, the floor underneath has an estimated life expectancy of 50 years. The environment-worlds that these things are participating in are changing as the process of the construction project evolves. New constellations are formed and the relationships are altered and dissolved. But, in a short period of time, this thing comes into power, forcefully keeping the new oak doors in place, establishing a passageway, protecting the floor and directing the construction workers and whoever has access to the site.