Architecture + Philosophy research seminar, ResArc, Sweden: Dr Hélène Frichot, Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH Stockholm

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Andrea Gimeno Sánchez

by andreagimeno


Andrea Gimeno Sánchez is an architect and a PhD Student Marie Curie Fellowship within UrbanHist (Historiography of European 20th century urbanism) H2020 Research Program in the Swedish School of Planning BTH in Karlskrona. She is member of the Research Group on Collective Housing at the Polytechnic University of Madrid where she holds a Master in Advanced Architecture. She has collaborated in different architectural offices in Madrid, China and Antwerp leading competitions and social housing projects. From 2014 to 2017 she has been teacher assistant in design studios at ETSAM and lecturer within MCH Master in Collective Housing (ETH-ETSAM). She is co-founder of Rellam, a small design cooperative founded in 2012 that operates intermittently ever since from places like Valencia, Houston, Stockholm, Madrid, or Copenhagen. Their work has been awarded in several competition prizes and was exhibited in the Spanish Pavilion at the XV Architecture Biennale in Venice, the IVAM Instituto Valenciano del Arte Moderno or DAZ Deutsches Arkitekturzentrum. Her research is still in its formative stages and consists in a critical historiography of shifting paradigms on collective housing from the 70’s to the 90’s and the neoliberal turn. It is focused on the transition of environmental concerns from radical ecology to mainstream sustainability. Nowadays she is visiting researcher at ArkDes in Stockholm.


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Sara Hyltén-Cavallius

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With less resources and more people, its urgent to find more sustainable ways of living. The research focus is on how architecture could be part of creating inclusive and sustainable housing and spaces where sharing would be heart of everyday life. Create possibilities to share knowledge, things and space.

Sara Hyltén-Cavallius is an architect, senior lecturer at Linnaeus University, PhD student and a mother. She obtained her Master of Architecture at Lund’s University 1990 and moved to Småland. Worked as a practicing architect in Växjö for 15 years before going into academia and design education at Linnaeus University. First as a course coordinator, program coordinator and then head of department. Sara is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment at Lund’s University.