Guattari’s Tarot

by jasminmatzakow

Guattari's tarot copy

My next approach is to mix the snippets of text so that I read them in a random order. I want to know if they still make sense, change their meaning or become unbearable. English is not my first language, and I have to look up more words now, as I cannot guess their meaning without context. Also, I develop wishes of how Guattari could continue to develop concepts in the missing parts of an argument. I have precise questions, which is new and satisfying. As I cannot possibly skim the text and make sense of a phrase mainly through its context, I need to read the phrases as singular expressions. A lot of the phrases turn into powerful statements, and I dwell on them trying to take in their magnitude. Does this happen because I add the lacking context in my head, just like a future predicting tarot card will always fit into the bigger context of my life? Have I found an entry point into the text and begun to grasp it, or am I fooling myself with a trick and in fact staring at a mirage? Am I getting closer to the text or further away?