Hannes Frykholm

by hannesfrykholmuma


Hannes Frykholm (born 1982) – I was trained as an architect at the LTH School of Architecture in Lund and the CED at UC Berkeley, following degrees in History and Sociology from Umeå University. After graduating in 2012 I worked on a number of housing projects and urban plans in Stockholm, Nacka and Solna, parallel to doing competitions and various theoretical-visual projects. I have published projects and texts in Nordic Journal of Architecture, Arkitektur, Future Arquitecturas, Concept and Soiled.

In 2014 I enrolled as a PhD student at Umeå School of Architecture, with Roemer van Toorn as my supervisor. My thesis project, entitled “Staging the Threshold: Foyerness and the Aesthetics of Entering”, considers the commercial foyer as a stage for new and temporary subjectivities. Investigating how the architectural elements and aesthetics of the entrance operate to produce a specific sensorium, the project speculates on an architectural practice that appropriates these mechanisms for the purpose of engendering new political subjectivities. Through a microscopic anatomy of the entrance, the project compares five different foyers of commercial architecture, in order to consider to what extent these allow for an immersion into an interior landscape of fantasy. What can architecture learn from the spatial practices often located outside of our discipline but inside the contemporary experience economy? In drawings and texts presented as intermissions between the anatomical case studies, the thesis suggests a set of design instruments to promote a foyer that triggers desire and fantasy beyond consumption.