Appropriating Guattari’s words

by evagheysen

By decontextualising fragments of Guattari’s text and bringing them together in a new construction, I express the affinities of my own work by interpreting and manipulating Guattari’s words.

lotus021 - kopie

“The erosion of subjectivities, assets and environments・mentally manipulated through the production of a collective, mass-media subjectivity・bound to archaic fixations・structures producing signs, syntax and control・subjective power・conceptual scaffoldings・myths of reference・creating different scenes and references・reappropriate universes of values・rid ourselves of all scientistic references and metaphors in order to forge new paradigms・to apprehend the world through interchangeable lenses or points of view・an environment in the process of being reinvented・a gentle deterritorialization・detached from their denotative and significative functions・ruptures of meaning・a relationship of uncertainty between the apprehension of the object and the apprehension of the subject・one is compelled to make a pseudo-narrative detour・developing their own methods of distancing themselves from normalized subjectivity・kick the habit・seek something that runs counter to the normal order of things, a counter-repetition, an intensive given which invokes other intensities to form new existential configurations・free association, interpretation・desiring ambivalence wherever it emerges”