Eva Gheysen

by evagheysen


My name is Eva Gheysen, I am 25 years old and grew up in Leuven, Belgium. I studied Architecture at Sint-Lucas Brussels and graduated in the Master trajectory REAL (Research, Exploration, Architecture, Laboratory) in June 2013 with the thesis project ‘In Space of Wonder’, that was nominated for the Meesterproef Vlaamse Bouwmeester. After my studies I was a member of the artistic studio M Atelier, I did several collaborations with artists and exhibited my work in artistic venues in Belgium. For the moment I am fully engaged in a design-based research at the university of Brussels (Sint-Lucas, KU Leuven University) and the university of Göteborg (Chalmers University).

The research project carries the working title “Disruption as a tactic for sense making in architecture” and can be situated in the field between Architecture and Arts and between reality and imagination. The main body of the research consists of an oeuvre of collages, scale models and installations on scale 1:1 that develop simultaneously with and are an inherent part of the research.

As an architect, I am interested in how our perception and experience of the environment is formed. How do we make sense of our surroundings and which conceptions lie at the base of this understanding? Through designing I explore the models we use for conceptualising architecture and investigate how these models influence perception and experience. Design tactics that were at play during the conception of the designs are extracted from the design production and provide insight in how disruptions in conceptual frames influence sense making processes.