Residents and Space

by annabraideeriksson

Conclusions in the colouring-in book are made on two subjects; The role of the housing market and The meaning of home.

Housing market prepossess conditions that makes major imprints on the subject of residential mobility and residential design. The situation on the housing market right now with many instigators acting with different agendas for own private causes and for a seemingly common best makes residents become wind vanes in a game where market rules. This situation influence residential design in new housing production and thus becomes a factor in my ongoing thesis work with flexible residential design and social sustainability.

Home usually is described as a place of identity and belonging, being not only the space inside our homely walls but the extended space we comprise in a daily life, the grocery shop, the neighbors, the close-by park. Today, with major distances to span to daily work and social life and with a life-world extending on the internet, the “home” becomes more fragmented and the role of physical space can be questioned. The meaning of home, how we use it and length of time span living in one residence connects to my thesis work as closely related to the residential design and flexibility issues.

I realise now, after having made conclusions, that I dwell on the edge of a large field of questions dealing with definitions of residential space. Physical and social space are two aspects of how we understand the home and the dwelling. This seems to me a wide, essential and interesting field. A study in this field might add many interesting reflections upon the subject of residences and residing.