Ida Sanström, Encountering Others and Elsewheres

by helenefrichot

This is the result of a series of readings I have undertaken within the PhD course Philosophies at KTH School of Architecture. Concepts, primarily from Post-humanist Philosophies, New Materialisms and Critical theory, are explored and made operative through an elaborative investigation of Superkilen – a recently opened public space in central Copenhagen. Superkilen is a project designed to celebrate the cultural diversity of Nørrebro, set in the interstitial terrain between architecture, planning and art. The principal design concept, to fill the space with more than 100 objects from around the world, has resulted in an emblematic space for co-existence that has been presented as a ‘generator for integration’.

The selection of concepts – including Cosmopolitics, Agonism, Ego-spheres, Boundary Objects and Quasi Objects – has been guided by my primary question of investigation: How does materiality affect the way relations to ‘others’ and ‘elsewheres’ are established in urban space? The work has been subdivied into two separate, but related parts. Whereas part one Encountering ‘others’ addresses the production of difference, disagreement and territorial identities at Superkilen, part two Encountering ‘elsewheres’ searches for sociomaterial strategies of transcending the local.