Unseen enemy

by annabraideeriksson

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Wikileaks, the non profit media organization, targets on reporting on information and news to the public. They publish secret information and classified media from anonymous sources and has been working since 2006  


Wikileaks published information about the Afghanistan war, corruption in Kenya, Baghdad airstrike, Guantanamo Bay detention camp. They collaborate with global media organisations to release information. Their goal is stated:  “..//..to bring important news and information to the public..//..One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth.” Their action has of course caused collisions and created opposition from concerned states whereof USA is the most affected since they are the heaviest performer in world conflict situations.


The website, the main tool for action, is repeatedly eliminated from different domain systems and common is also service-denial attacks. As a result the website is available on multiple servers and with different domain names. Sweden is seen as a safe country to host the website. Julian Assange, founder and spokesperson, explains that the Swedish constitution gives the information providers total legal protection. It is forbidden according to Swedish law for any administrative authority to make inquiries about the sources of any type of newspaper. Of course, it is also important that the host compose a secure site. The safe hosting and Swedish laws make it difficult for any authorities to eliminate Wikileaks. The website is hosted under what is called bulletproof hosting; Wikileaks free speech online are protected by Swedish constitution. Maintenance of own servers at undisclosed locations, no keeping of logs and the use of encryption to protect sources and other confidential information are fundamental precautions to survive.


So how can this classified, state-secret information be trusted. Is this not an excellent opportunity to spread false information, working in the interests of various, powerful groups, both in state and concern interests, surveiling power and capital.

In 2010 Assange states that submitted documents are vetted by a group of five reviewers, with expertise in different topics such as language or programming, who also investigate the background of the leaker if his or her identity is known. Wikileaks states that they have never released a misattributed document!!


PR-war against Wikileaks

PR-consultants: Wikileaks shall prepare for large resistance from shouldered governments

Wikileaks disclose more and more powerful enemies. Swedish media risks being a useful dummy in the communication war between Wikileaks and resourceful enemies, says debaters..//..Despite that few governments indicates large concerns so far, Wikileaks sits in the middle of a communication war with counterparts conducting unlimited resources when it comes to economic resources and communication experts. Wikileaks on their behalf relay upon the single individual capacity to announce their message..//..We will see increased reports on down-sides of Wikileaks disclosures..//..Many communication medias nonexistent journalism on foreign fields will effect the reporting, resulting in risks for angled and affected information influenced by interest groups. This makes it impossible for externals to chose side and grasp truth and motifs.

Aftonbladet 10 maj 2013


I don’t speak for USA-acting but I am an opponent to Wikileaks

“Wikileaks does not support world democracy. Some things we don´t have to be informed about. If a neutral investigation by the world nations would have come to the conclusion that this information shall be published, OK. But who knows Wikileaks actual agenda?

No, I am more afraid of what organisations as Wikileaks can do to the world than what for example USA can do.”

BLOG, Happymtb.org


New organization helping Wikileaks out in a cramed situation

A group of activists has now started an organization “Freedom of the pressfoundation” to help Wikileaks economically. It was in December 2010 that Visa, Mastercard and Paypal stated that they no longer accept transactions to Wikileaks. The blockade has lead to that Wikileaks today is economically cramed…..

2012-12-17 Flashback / http://www.flashback.se