Conceptual Cluster 9: Ficto-Criticism

by sandra695

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Great Expectations II

Save Lund – the last chance
A number of reports have been published over the past year regarding the development and situation in Lund. Independent researchers and others have identified, analyzed and described the development and basically come to the same conclusion:
Lund has consistently been falling behind over the past 20-25 years. The city has lost jobs and welfare dependency, among citizens as well as by the municipality itself, has grown. The tax capacity has been reduced and opportunities to support oneself through work have decreased. To this may be added that the demographics have led to great social inequality that manifest itself through high crime, disorder in the schools, and general uneasiness to name a few.
This came as no surprise to us, and probably not to most of Lund’s inhabitants.

However, the questions that need to be asked are:
Why has it become like this? Why has nothing been done to reverse the trend?

In the analysis made about why it has become so bad two factors emerge as main explanations:

1. Lund’s housing policy resulted in the 1980s to an overrepresentation of rental apartments.
2. Business in Lund was in the early 1980s characterized by manufacturing. Unfortunately one failed to fully understand the dynamics of the business, and failed to take steps to attract service production and other future-oriented business.
The combination of a distorted housing market and a stagnant economy has been devastating for Lund.

Many devoted community actors have had deep insight into the problems and a clear desire to reverse the trend. But the ability to address the structural causes of the negative development has been lacking as well as the managerial resources to implement concrete and structural action. Lund is located in the expansive Öresund region, with good communications, beautiful city center, excellent educational opportunities within reach and land resources for attractive, close to the sea housing, to name just a few of the factors that make Lund deserving the epithet City of Possibilities.
We must make firm decision with tangible results to take advantage of the given possibilities. Our action on these structural factors may be briefly summarized:

1. We will take advantage of Lund’s unique opportunities to build attractive homes near the strait. This will create the migration of families and people with stable conditions, which positively will affect the labor market, business, tax capacity, basis for retail trade and the general social climate.
2. The East and some parts of central Lund are highly segregated. Crime, welfare dependency and ethnic segregation show unacceptable conditions. We want to create opportunities for new businesses, such as the idea to move Lund Town Hall to The Dammhag School, rebuild apartments to condominiums and perhaps even demolish some houses in order to make the district more attractive with new squares, playgrounds and parks.
Everything indicates that Lund’s industry will continue to stagnate if nothing is done. We want to create effective and result-oriented work with the business and industry based on skills and decisiveness. With a progressive land policy and access to attractive dwellings Lund has great potential. As a good example, a global logistics company’s decision to choose Lund can be mentioned. Here our ability to offer attractive housing played a major role and is also a prerequisite for Lund to get the full effect of the nearly 1000 jobs that will be created here.
We can turn the tide in Lund based on these measures.

It will soon be too late for Lund!
A great and historic responsibility rests on the Lund politicians. If we fail to collect us this time – Lund has a bleak future ahead. Then the falling behind of Lund will continue and Lund will, somewhat pointedly, become a gray powerless city without hope for the future. It is at this point that our children will ask us: Why didn’t you do anything?

Municipal Councils Office 2010-01-13

The original text about Landskrona is a call for action by two Landskrona councilors. The text has been translated and edited by me. Landskrona has been consistently substituted with Lund. A company name has been removed and replaced with a more general description.

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