Deleuze Studies 2013 Lisbon The Territory In-Between July 8-10

by helenefrichot

Cited from the following website: (accessed 15.03.2013)

The emergence of the concept of territory is usually assigned to the areas of the animal aggression ethology and the geopolitics of nations. In contrast to this view, Deleuze and Guattari tried to think, among others, the ideas of a transcendental earth, of an expression that is previous to aggression, an expressive conception of nature, the correlative concept deterritorialization, the deterritorialized people that is more fundamental than any nation.

Moving from the sole biological and geopolitical contexts to epistemological, aesthetic or anthropological ones, territory becomes a major and operative concept in several domains of thought.

While obviously committed to Deleuze theoretical legacy, this conference aims to think all these problems in a transversal way. Bringing together a wide range of researchers, it will take into account the current possibilities, intricacies, configurations and connections of the concept of territory in science, metaphysics, politics, aesthetics, art and so on.

We have already some options in what regards the publication of papers presented at the 6th Deleuze Studies International Conference ‘The territory in-between’. Some of the papers presented at the conference will be selected for publication by a peer review process, either in the internationally recognised Deleuze Studies Journal, or in a major international publishing house, either in a special issue of the journal Kairos.


Preceding the conference, students can participate in the Deleuze Camp 7, which will take place from 1-5 July 2013, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal.