Conceptual Cluster 4: The Theory Tool Box

by malkoshka


My post refer to the text of Jane Rendell Art and Architecture: A Place Between.

Warm – cold form 2004 was an action in public(?) space. I use the question mark because of difficulties in definition of what is private and what is public nowadays. As Jane Randell argues “Public and private, (…) mean different things for different people – protected isolation or unwelcome containment, intrusion or invitation, exclusion or segregation”. So may be it is better to call that work as a critical spatial practice.



The project was a ‘soft’ intervention in the Potocki Palace at Kraków’s
Market Square. The Renaissance Palace was ‘contaminated’
with old clothes, forming a colour mosaic – nice aesthetic element. In Krakow the old buildings are under the special care so I needed to get many permissions to do that installation.

I was not allowed to put any single nail or any other permanent intervention. But I want somehow disturb that white, clean, pure order of architecture and power. That is why I used second hand cloths to make it warmer for winter. I took “dirty” materials and was working as homeless people who create their temporary shelters, but the effect was nice enough for the principles. 


Another work which examines the aspect of private and public is Portable Place Marker form 2000. That object was made from 25 rectangles which can be arrange and used as a carpet. Its aim was to mark the place, the private space where no one can enter. It was portable and folding so easy to take and move to other context. Behind that idea was a need to mark the space, to separate it from the rest of the world – public space and the private space of the other as well. That act can be read as a feministic demands of having the own room, to be independent. Here privacy is understood to provide positive qualities, such as the right to be alone, to confidentiality and the safeguarding of individuality.