Cluster 4: Theory in the eye of the beholder

by annabraideeriksson


Foucault describes the informed people that possess knowledge and are capable of acting in the struggle for democracy and just power. But in who’s interest do we act?
Tools for democracy discussed in the field of Critical Theory.

The interdisciplinary way to work and embark new angles of reflection as is performed in Critical Theory is often performed within research work dealing with e.g. minority groups. The goal for this work can be regarded as a work performed for a better, more just society and can be seen as an action for democracy. The Critical Theory is also used in other contexts, military theorists embark new angles of reflection to conceptualize the urban domain and develop war strategies, where one aim is to destabilize democracy. The goal for this work can be regarded as a work performed for exploiting imperialism.

The reflecting interdisciplinary method seems to me being a tool created for fostering democracy and also, at the same time, it is used for the empowering of imperialism and capitalism. To have a theory seems to provide a ‘legalised’ explanation to Your actions that can transcribe imperialism to something much more innocent. According to Foucault theory is by nature opposed to power, how does this match?

Education in humanities is a weapon against imperialism. But is being appropriated as a powerful weapon of imperialism. ‘Empower the people’ says Foucault.

Can the Critical Theory be a tool for contemplating the conditions on the housing market where society fails and even becomes a tool for capital-surplus production? The housing shortage creates limited options of choice for many residents. Today these residents lack the possibility to adapt their homes for their everyday needs. Possibilities for life-style realizations and the individual´s influence on their own residence are almost completely lost. On the housing market the residence is considered as a commercialized lifestyle question and a commodity.

Developers on the market and municipalities rewrite these actualities, the housing shortage, price levels on new housing and the production of residencies for a privileged group in society is justified by so called ‘flyttkedjor’. New housing, providing high profitability when sold, supplies the market with capital. This acting makes a poor solution to the above stated situation. This process, which can be considered performed by society and market, can be regarded as a process feeding the capital-surplus production. The emperor’s new clothes…?