Anna Wahloo

by annawahloo

litet porträtt

My name is Anna Wahlöö and I’m a teacher and PhD student at the School of Architecture, LTH. I’m trained in Lund and have a Master of Arts degree (major: Art History). My primarily teaching area is Swedish furniture history.

My research project with the working title Past glories in new light. On the making of Swedish 20th Century Furniture Classics focus on a phenomenon in Sweden called Modern (Furniture) Classics, Design Classics or Form Classics, a phrase that has been increasingly occurring over the past few years, particularly in design- and interior books and magazines and on the furniture market. But what is a modern classic? Is there even something that objectively can be appointed as a modern classic? The overall research objective is to study how modern furniture classics are created (established). I am interested in how different values and how added values are produced around these specific furniture. The project strives to identify and investigate values, qualities factors and mechanisms of importance that contributes to the process making them classics.