Conceptual Cluster 1: Relations and Agency

by obannova

I don’t want to label things objects events etc., I see spatial agencies representing life itself and specific to individuals, cultures, places, times… It brings us to understanding of Architecture not as an object but rather a process where everyone finds a way to his niche or reference or himself. Is it really other way of doing architecture or that was always underlying any successful architecture?

Probably the goal of architecture is not only creating timeless pieces and objects but also and maybe even more so, about providing means for stimulating for growth and advancement, transformations and modifications. That how I find it related to my project and what I’ll use to trace relationships and actions by transforming them into agencies.

In the book “Spatial Agency: other ways of doing architecture” authors discuss what seems to be limitations of architectural practice but can be translated into agencies through different processes:

Architectural object equals static state (limitation) that becomes dynamic (unlimited) through alternative view approach;

Architecture mirrors marketplace (limitation) that becomes spatial through social context;

“Architectural exclusiveness” (limitation) that becomes inclusive through multidisciplinary collaborations;

Architectural “practice” as a limitation transfers into action “praxis” through critical architecture and understanding of practice itself.

Architecture as a collective agency encouraging participants or other agencies to act “otherwise” transferring lines of “agencements” into mapping relationships with time interfering and acting within that web as additional “agency”. If “Consequences of architecture are more important than objects of architecture” (Bruno Latour) than connectivity and “big picture” architecture can be an answer to many problems that architectural practice is facing now and other difficulties.