brady burroughs

by bradyburroughs

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Who am I? It depends when and where you ask me. It also depends who’s asking. And the response changes, shifts and circles back…

Sometimes I’m Gizelle Gazelle, the spokeswomanimal for the grass roots, self-initiated collective sanctuary called The Beastlet. Other times I appear as the local Lesvian seagull, watching the mating and hunting rituals of the human animals at sea. At times, I’m even one of Osho’s sannyasin, excluded from the ‘women-only’ swimming group that meets at Zorba The Buddha Café. When I’m feeling more introverted, I’m Aphrodite speaking to Sappho in a secret underwater cave. I’ve made guest appearances as The Oracle at Delphi, delivering spiritual messages from the angels, as well as the notorious dandy Dolly Wilde, strolling through the Incompatible Modalities of an indoor English garden.

I’m an anonymous angry, seductive, curious feminist wandering through the rooms of a row house under construction, searching for my foremothers, re-building my forefathers, trying to be accountable for my privileges (but often failing)… I’m an architect who tells stories. I’m a teacher who learns from my students. I’m a researcher, re searcher, re search er… searching for “disruptions”, through imagination, provocation, humor. When does the searching become REsearching?

So how do YOU answer the question, Who are you?

Fairy Tale