Anna Braide Eriksson

by annabraideeriksson


I am an architect and have been working as a practitioner architect for 13 years. From this work I have experiences of housing projects, offices and public buildings, working with projection from sketch to raised building. Since two years back I am working as a teacher at Chalmers University of Technology, running bachelor and master courses in housing. I am now also, since early 2012, a PhD student. In my two present assignments I find possibilities of developing overlapping sides of theory and practice in the field of housing, also including experiences from my earlier work as a practitioner.

In my PhD work I study the particular impact of flexible housing as a potential agent for long term social sustainability issues in residential practice. Demographic transitions and conditions on the contemporary housing market implies large challenges for societies, developing residential solutions operating for a sustainable urban future.  Theoretical points of departure for the analyses are concepts of flexible floor plan layouts, the on going demographic changes and objectives of social sustainability in residential solutions. Residing is in the study regarded as a process and applied methods aim at linking life situations with spatial structures. The research includes a series of case studies comprising floor plan analyses confronted with the households own narratives of their residential situation.