Mania Aghaei Meibodi

by Mania


Who am I?   It is complicated !

In my professional life: I am an architect engaged in practice-based research and education in the digital design field of architecture. I am employed at Lulea University of Technology and currently based in Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) in Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

The name of my y research is Articulate: the arrangements and transitions of formal elements concerned with outward of artefact, which results from digital design processes.

Articulate is the study of the geometrical transitions of architectural elements to each other in relation technological advent in design processes. It focuses on modes of geometrical articulation in relation to structural and construction consideration in design processes. Its domain is aesthetic of the artefact, logic of creation processes of it and digital technology employed in the design processes. Examples of such articulations are Corbelling, Moqarnaces in Persian architecture and ribbed-arches in gothic churches. Study of Articulate is situated within digital design field of architecture where integration of digital technologies within architectural design processes impacts on important design sequence for the purpose of exploring new architectural forms and effects.

This research aims to enhance the arrangement of formal elements (concerned with outward form or appearance) of artefact, which results from digital design and production processes. In detail, it aims at shifting the artefact’s formal arrangement from mono-appearance to cross-correlated arrangement. This itself will require changes within modes and processes of creation.

Articulate is the continuation of the licentiate book Manifested in Form. In which, modes of design processes as the result of cutting edge technologies and their relation to the arrangement and structure of elements concerned with outward of form, was scrutinized. Manifested in Form  presents that the use of digital design and production technologies in a particular trajectory has pushed the topology, form and structure of architecture to incorporate areas such as climate, construction, acoustic etc. While these digital technologies are intended to enhance the processes and performance,it is revealed that a different kind of aesthetics and a common language has been produced. The common language in appearance of the artifact was describe as result of  mono-system design approach within  digital design field of architecture. Thus, through Articulate I am aiming to develop digital-physical design techniques that moves the products of digital design processes from mono-system to a cross correlative system.