Jesper Magnusson

by Jesper Magnusson

I´m an architect, trained i Lund and Edinburgh 1988-1996. Since 1996 I have practised architecture parallel with teaching at the school of Architecture in Lund and at Urban studies in Malmö. 2006 I  was employed by Urban studies in Malmö and started my phd-studies in 2011, affiliated to Lund University, Architecture.

The field of research I am interested in concerns how material and spatial design affects social life in public space. I try to understand what (and how) architectural topographies, features and artefacts support human exchange and thereby stabilises the social in public domain?

Central concepts and theories in my work are: collective life/space, territoriality/territorial production, ANT, assemblage theory, affordance theory, urban morphology, social-material responsivity,  etc.