by urbansounddesign

Hi my name is Nina, I am an architect engaged in practice-based research in the terrain of urban acoustic space at the KTH School of Architecture in collaboration with Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

The point of departure in my doctoral work is the overall question: how can architects and urban planners work practically and creative with urban sonic environments and make use of the notion of “sound quality” in decision-making processes as an important tool for communication of transparent but constantly present qualities?
Sound as a mediator of social, spatial and temporal qualities has the ability to deepen our understanding for existing urban spaces/trajectories/areas, and illuminate their divers and maybe contrasting meanings and values in the urban mesh. By looking and listening closely at our surrounding everyday environment, it is possible to reveal other kinds of relations and connections between urban spaces which would otherwise be neglected or ignored.
By exploring a fairly outstretched study-site in Stockholm (Hornsgatan) through the making and use of various mapping techniques in different media, new perspectives and discussions can be raised which may be relevant and useful in the context of urban sound environment and design.