Sandra Kopljar

by sandra695

sandrahejI am an architect and since 2012 a PhD student at LTH, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, where I also have been teaching since 2008. My PhD studies are tied to the research project The evolutionary periphery and will investigate the planning and pre-construction phase of the research facility ESS in Lund. Here the planning relates to future implications on the science community on a world scale, but also to the scale of immediate vicinity in form of local neighborhoods. As temporality and time dependent potential in urban planning process vary depending on the scale of interaction or conflict more analysis is needed about the intersection of such sometimes conflicting interests. Through recognizing gaps and openings in an inert planning process, latent possibility for visualization by artistic research methods will be taken advantage of, and in formulation and application of architectural and artistic intervention methods the affordances and intrinsic potential of the processes will be investigated. Within the project the prerequisites and temporal assumptions active in the planning process will be problematized as well as the shifting definition of periphery. An analysis of how the operative actors define themselves, which phases and concepts that are used at different levels in the planning process, and a clarification of how a variety of scales are used at various critical moments will be formulated.