Malgorzata Markiewicz

by malkoshka

DSC_3769My name is Malgorzata Markiewicz, I am artists from Poland. Since 2011 I am a PhD student at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at Sculpture Department. I am also a tutor at Krakow School Of Fashion Design.

My PhD research is based on the question What does it mean “home” today? This is long lasting project which I already have stared and will continue during my residency in Botkyrka that Spring.

I am going to work on creating objects or textiles based on the personal stories of people I will meet in that multicultural area of Stockholm. Each of those objects will be different, depending on their owner. Different for Muslim, Catholic, single woman, European ect. I would like to focus on different view, which is not represented by male, white, heterosexual and middle class men.

In general, clothing is one of the main subjects and mediums of my art practice. I am interested in the symbolism and significance and the message it can carry. I frequently supplement the language of textile with photographs or objects. Aside from this, one of my favorite and most appreciated mediums is performance art – as it is often the case with socially committed artists.

I work with objects, sculptures, photographs, installations and performances. In my art I often use various materials like fabric, threads, yarns, beads and clothing, referring to traditional female craft techniques including embroidery, knitting, and sewing. My strategy is to play around with viewers perceptions and feelings by juxtaposing those materials with constructions made of heavy industrial ones like concrete and metal.

Throughout my oeuvre I refer to the everyday. I am particularly interested in traces of life and the emotions that are invoked by clothes and fabrics that are the closest witnesses of our bodies. The human body in my work serves not as a cultural battlefield but as the representation of human emotions and the changes that it manifests. homes_private_public


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