Ida Sandström

by idasandstrom

ida copyMy name is Ida Sandström. I am an architect, trained in Lund, Oslo and Berlin. In May 2012 I began my PhD research at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University.

My research departed from an interest in cities as sites of negotiation, and in the continuous interplay of materiality, form and human relations that shape urban space. My research project Far Away so Close – Architecture as Cultural Mediation addresses questions of socio-materiality and seeks to investigate ways in which the built environment affects the establishment of relations to ‘others’ and ‘elsewhere’ in urban space. My research takes a particular interest in spaces of ‘radical difference’ e.g. spaces adopted by people with dissimilar spatial aspirations. I will primarily study places that act on several spatial scales – spaces sometimes referred to as ‘global’, ‘multicultural’ or ‘transnational’ – in search of architecture’s potential to act as a transitional mediator in such extended networks.

Before starting my research I worked in an architectural practice in Berlin (, with municipal planning in Malmö ( and most recently with an extensive urban transformation project in Helsingborg ( I have also been teaching at the School of Architecture in Lund and at Malmö University – Department of Urban Studies.

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