Katja Hogenboom

by katja2013


Katja Hogenboom is a doctoral researcher within the research environment called Relational Architecture at the Umeå school of Architecture: with a focus specifically on the sub-theme Aesthetics as a Form of Politics. The research – The possibility of Emancipating Architecture – Categories of Estrangement – seeks to identify a micro-politics of change that reinvent the idea of publicness and privacy through an estranging and spatial aesthetic that provide ground for enactments of new forms of emancipation.

Katja holds a March and BA in Architecture from the TU Delft, the Netherlands, and has worked as an architect in offices both in the Netherlands and Spain. She started her own practice in 2008 where research, photography, teaching and the practice of architecture form an integrated whole. Besides setting up educational programs for the state architect, research and curating work, she works on the redesign of the interior of the university library in the city of Leiden.

In 2010 she moved to Umeå. After one year of developing and teaching the second year bachelor program at the Umeå School of Architecture, she started her PhD research in October 2011.