Kajsa L.Körner

by kajsakorner


My name is Kajsa L. Körner and I am trained as an architect at LTH, Lund University. Besides from architecture I have studied gender studies, philosophy and human ecology.
In the initial work of my PhD thesis, I have been studying the influence of the urban built environment on transport walking conditions in Malmö. The main part of studies concerning walking and pedestrian conditions applies quantitative methods mostly focusing on health outcomes of walking, where the built form mostly is analyzed in terms of separate objects or as a neutral backdrop. I have chosen to focus on the complexity of spatial settings; their 3D aspects and elements of power in architecture and built form, and how these affect pedestrians and their walking possibilities. Studies have been done along walking routes in order to analyze the built form specifically in relation to the needs of pedestrians. The power aspects of architecture are stressed in the light of citizen’s access to the city. A city should provide of access to all its citizens, where a pedestrian-friendly built form might offer this but also would promote a more sustainable lifestyle in contrast to a car dependent society.

The initial studies on pedestrian possibilities in urban settings forms a point of departure for further exploring built form and citizen’s access to the city. The thesis will be done in the framework of artistic research exploring and applying methods from queer/feminist theory in order to form a critical understanding on how to qualitatively analyze, understand and describe architecture in relation to power and gender within urban settings.