Architecture + Philosophy research seminar, ResArc, Sweden: Dr Hélène Frichot, Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH Stockholm

Month: December, 2012

creating a conceptual colouring-in book

by helenefrichot

Participants in Philosophies will be asked to create a Conceptual Colouring-In book as one of their key assessment activities. You are encouraged to frame your image and text responses that you have made to the 6 SEMINARS according to a theme that is relevant to your research. Add to your colouring-in book a TITLE, a CONTENTS PAGE, an INTRODUCTION, and responses to a minimum of 6 Conceptual Clusters. This will be uploaded onto the self-publishing site ISSUU and linked to the Philosophies Blog. As a point of reference see:

posting your responses to the conceptual clusters

by helenefrichot

Philosophies has framed 15 Conceptual Clusters, and alternatively invites you to create your own Conceptual Cluster where this is more relevant to your research. These Conceptual Clusters will be discussed during seminars offered across the three modules of Philosophies.

In preparation for each of the 6 scheduled SEMINARS we ask you to read ONE Conceptual Cluster and make an image and text response by way of a Blog post. We ask that you post your Blog response here, under the category Conceptual Cluster! By the CONCLUSION of the course you should have submitted a minimum of 6 Blog posts in response to the 6 curated seminars, these will be revised and repackaged by you as a Conceptual Colouring-In book!

constructing a conceptual toolbox

by helenefrichot

Within this category area you will be invited to collaborate on the incremental construction of a Conceptual Toolbox. As you proceed through the Philosophies seminars and as you participate in the guest lectures KEY CONCEPTS will be introduced that you will be invited to define, and then to add as a Blog post to the Conceptual Toolbox category. We will undertake this activity during the Philosophies module meetings, but you are also welcome to continue to add concepts at any time!