CONCLUSION MODULE September 11-13, 2013, School of Architecture, KTH Stockholm

Location 11 September: 10.30 for 11.00am start, KTH Library, Osquars backe 31, Seminar Room: Rinman

Location 12 September: 9.00 for 9.30am start, KTH Library, Osquars backe 31, Seminar Room: Salongen (near the café)

Location 13 September: 9.00 for 9.30 start in KTH Library Salongen (near the café)

see map: http://www.kth.se/kthb/om/adresser-och-telefonnummer-1.181700

Download SCHEDULE here: 03PhilosophiesConclusionSCHEDULE.

NOTE: 13 September, 13.00: Roemer van Toorn presents and Introduction to the Communications ResArc course

Guest Lecturers and Critics: Dr Andrej Radman, TU DElft; Dr Isabelle Doucet, University of Manchester, UK; Gunnar Sandin, Lund University; Katja Grillner, KTH; Catharina Gabrielsson, KTH; Daniel Koch, KTH; Jonathan Metzger, KTH; Roemer van Toorn, UMA

Over the three days of our concluding module participants will present their ‘Colouring-In Books’, which gather together and revise the series of 6 Blog posts made to the ‘conceptual clusters’ engaged with in the course. See https://philosophiesresarc.net/instructions/ under Assessment 3 (also see below). Each presentations will be followed by one to two responses from designated respondents. The presentations will also be interspersed with presentations by guest lecturers, and we will allow time for a general reflection on and evaluation of the Philosophies course. SCHEDULE forthcoming.

CONCLUSION TASK: Participants have been asked to create a CONCEPTUAL COLOURING-IN BOOK. They have been encouraged to frame their image and text responses from their 6 required blog posts according to a theme that is relevant to their PhD research. As a minimum structure the colouring-in book requires: 1. a title, 2. a contents page, 3. an introduction, 4. responses to a minimum of 6 Conceptual Clusters, 5. Conclusion (where participants are invited to reflect on what they have achieved, and what discoveries they have made in Philosophies).

This final task be uploaded onto the self-publishing site ISSUU (issuu.com/ArchandPhil) and linked to the Philosophies Blog.

At the concluding module (11-13 September) participants will have 15 minutes to present their Conceptual Colouring-In Book. Each participant will be assigned a respondent from one of our visiting lecturers, who will engage participants in discussion after their presentation (approximately 10 minutes).

In addition, all participants will be assigned one or two reviewers from among their peers. Comments will be made under the relevant participant blog posts in the ‘conceptual colouring-in book’ category, and discussion will be encouraged during the presentations at the concluding module.

As a point of reference see Architecture Masters level colouring-in book examples: http://archandphil.wordpress.com/category/03_projects/ These varied examples demonstrate how a ‘colouring-in book’ can be widely interpreted. This structure should be used to explicitly invite a reader into the work, to encourage them to interact with it, to guide them through conceptual discoveries and possible adventures. There should be a strong correspondence between images and text, across the minimum 6 chapters. Participants are encouraged to explain the logic of the relations between image and text in the introduction or the conclusion.